BSC Birdie

Together We’ll
conquer the Crypto

Birdie is the first bird in the crypto world to become the bird’s Crypto king.

Join his team and help him fulfill his destiny!

Birdie's Invite

Invite and Earn

For each invitation to the Birdie team, you will be rewarded with Birdie token and BNB.

Birdie's perspective

Binance Smart Chain

Birdie chose Binance Smart Chain as the coronation crypto world – one of the fastest growing POSA network.

Birdie's security

Safe & Secure

Security comes first for Birdie – the Birdie token uses 21 BSC validators to protect your security.


Birdie has always believed in his destiny – to become the bird king of the BSC. Unfortunately, without support, he will not be able to fulfill them.

Join him and help him fulfil his task.


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Birdie’s coronation has been accomplished, thanks to his loyal fans who number over 500. Over a thousand offensive trades have been made which have enhanced Birdie’s majesty. Birdie and his closest entourage thank you for your support and in keeping with his majesty announce :

– the liquidity pool is unlocked

– contract verified 

– Birdie will soon announce his first orders ( event ) 

For the might of Birdie !    


Birdie's Claim

Join Birdie in the fastest and cheapest way.

Birdie's Sale

Most affordable BSC BIRDIE purchase sale & support ratio.

Birdie's Share

Invite others to Birdie army and earn BNB and BSC Birdie.

Birdie's Details

To help the birdie you should carefully read its plans, documentation and disclaims first.

Read Birdie Whitepaper.